Artworks for rent

The marriage of art and business brings mutual benefits. Companies have tools to promote art and artists, becoming their contemporary patrons, artists are paid for each borrowed work. In addition, by introducing art into the space of their offices, enterprises strengthen their image and activities in the area of ​​corporate social responsibility – CSR, which are so important today.

The benefits of having works of art in office spaces also include creating a positive image of the employer branding: building the morality and worldview of employees, a higher level of their creativity and productivity, reduction of stress and tension, richer expression of opinions and more fruitful discussions, more permanent and fuller relations between employees and at the company-client level. Being among beauty is always an added value.

We coordinate and create a collection to display in interiors. We come to the site, view the space for the exhibition of works and arrange the details of the arrangement and type of appropriate works, in accordance with the expectations and individual needs of the client. We set the rental period. Then we import and install works inside, ensuring the safety and insurance of all works of art.