We offer original works by renowned Polish artists of the 20th century. We focus on the works of artists recognized by art critics, whose works have been described in the course literature, and were also part of collections or the resources of auction houses. Additionally, we work with young, talented artists who are full of passion and have only recently started their creative path. We want to create an opportunity to promote the talents of the younger generation.

Some customers buy paintings for their own collections, most often after a few months of rent, which helps them make the right, well-thought-out decision. There is no better way to get to know a work of art than to be with it on a daily basis, getting used to it and slowly becoming an art lover.

Until now, a rented painting, graphic or sculpture may become a favorite prop in the interior, even for those owners for whom investing in a work of art was a secondary matter. At the same time, by purchasing the works of young artists, they become their contemporary patrons.

If you are interested in purchasing works by contemporary art artists,
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