“From time to time it should be remembered that a painting – oil on canvas, fresco,
watercolor – is a real thing, a unique object, the planes and depth of which can only be
assessed by communing with it, when the viewer is in the same place as its creator. The
image takes up space in the world, which is impossible, for example, for music; the images
live among us as irrefutable facts, hang on the walls, are tangibly present. As objects they
are worshiped, admired, turned into commodities, stolen, destroyed, or completely ignored.
Photographs of paintings are only their pale shadows (…). Contemporary second-hand
painting is experienced far too often. Backlit digital files on screens and reproductions in
books and magazines are poor substitutes for a dialogue with the original work. While it may
seem obvious, it is impossible to really judge the value of a painting without standing in front
of it.” Eric Karpeles, „ALMOST NOTHING Józef Czapski. Painter’s Biography”

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