Art Everywhere

Works of art represent the values ​​to which we aspire: beauty, harmony, perfection, timelessness. Beauty is a vision of happiness, we want to live and work in happiness.

If you appreciate the beauty and value of art and want to enrich your life with unique works, I invite you to use my art advisory services – Joanna Piotrowska Art Everywhere.

I will be happy to help you build an art collection that will not only be a source of joy, but also an investment for years.

Throw yourself into the embrace of the extraordinary world of art to gain not only beauty, but also long-term artistic and economic value. Start your journey as a collector and become a true patron of art, a powerful leader of the cultural revolution.

Open your home to unique works of art that will take you to distant lands of emotions and enrich your life. From master painters to sculptural masterpieces, each work will be carefully selected by me to expand your aesthetic awareness. They will carefully reflect the depth of artistic genius and will also become prized financial treasures.

Your home will become an art salon, filled with the verve of authenticity and the vision of the creators. Your art collection will be an extraordinary story, emanating from the true streak of human genius. It is important to choose works of art that will remain for future generations as a testimony to your fascination and love for art.


From the beginning of my activity, I have been trying to connect art with business, because I come from business and I have associated my life with art.

Experience in collecting artworks, knowledge of the mechanisms of the art market and cooperation with other collectors, market experts and art historians allow us to professionally advise you on acquiring unique works of art and making the right decisions to create a unique art collection.

Come right out! Enter the path where beauty and art intertwine. Awaken your inner collector’s passion. Enliven your interior with art that will set your heart in rhythm with the rhythm of artistic beauty. Build your legacy by creating great future generations of art. Become a patron of art so that your name and character will be remembered for eternity.

I invite you to dialogue and cooperation in acquiring unique works of art!

Joanna Piotrowska
Art Advisor

kobieta z rzeźbą na komodzie

Our offer


Building art collection

We help in creating a collection of works of art, tailored to individual needs. Our experts advise on the purchase of works of art, taking into account their aesthetic value and investment potential.

Purchase and sale of works of art

Our offer includes original paintings and sculptures by recognized Polish artists of the 20th century. At the same time, we are interested in acquiring the best quality works of painters and sculptors respected on the Polish and international art market.

Kupno i sprzedaż dzieł

Works of art for rent

We coordinate and create a collection to display in interiors. We come to the
site, view the space for exhibition of works and determine the details of the arrangement and type of appropriate images, in accordance with the expectations and individual needs of the client. 

Galeria obrazów


Our passion is also being among antiques, promoting them, acquiring and replacing them. We have such furniture as furnishings for salons, offices, wardrobes, chests of drawers, cabinets, tables, as well as lamps and clocks.