Building art collection

We provide professional advice in the field of rental, purchase of paintings and building an art collection, tailored to the individual needs of the client. We provide objective advice on the selection and purchase of artworks, the choice of an artist, and conduct negotiations with galleries or bid at art auctions. Our experts advise when buying works of art, taking into account both their aesthetic value and investment potential.

We prepare practically and substantially to actively collect works of art, using our knowledge in the field of art history, investment consulting and extensive experience in collecting of artworks.

We advise private individuals, collectors as well as companies and banks in creating a strategy for collecting and purchasing works of art. We help to implement the assumption: a work of art as an investment good, presenting the economic values ​​of artistic facilities. 

In addition, we coordinate all formalities related to the handling of the collection, such as insurance, picture frames, transport, assembly, documentation and subsequent conservation of works of art.