About gallery

The gallery was created out of passion for art and the will to share it with other people. We enable our clients to temporarily possesion of an artwork and we also help in building their own art collection. We offer contemporary and old art. We work with recognized artists, auction houses and other reputed galleries as well as with art collectors. We also promote the works of younger generation artists who play an increasingly important role in the current art market.

Making the works of recognized artists of high painting quality available to our customers is a prestige and ennoblement for us. We will help you to create art collections that will make the beauty and harmony of your interiors. A work of art is a synonymous with elegance and prestige, confirms the importance of the subject who possesses it. It can be a wonderful complement to effectively and friendly interior and space, both private and corporate.

Nowadays, many companies create their own business art collections, using the paintings of both classics and well-represented artists of the younger generation, whose works are becoming more and more popular. However, it is not always necessary to buy art, you can rent it and change it from time to time, thus showing orientation in the latest market trends and an unusual passion. You can also organize exhibitions of young artists to promote their art and become their patron.

We will provide you with a comprehensive service for renting of paintings, we will help in the purchase of artworks and in building your own art collection, we will provide assistance in choosing artists and in negotiations related to the purchase of artworks. We will also provide consultations on investing in works of art as an alternative good. We will compare the artwork with other investment assets.

We warmly invite you to cooperation!